Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Weirdest Things Ever Done For Charity

You've got to hand it to these people, at least they're going above and beyond to help others!

 Breast Squeeze

Breast Squeeze
Japanese porn channel Paradise TV hosted a breast squeeze benefit in August, 2012 as part of "Erotica Will Save The World." The 24-hour event was streamed live online, and all donations were given to STOP!AIDS, an organization that promotes AIDS awareness, treatment, and prevention. 

To win a chance to squeeze the breasts of one to ten Japanese adult film actresses, participants aged 18 and up made donations and sanitized their hands. If they wanted to squeeze the breasts more than twice, they had to make another donation. (Link | Photo)

 Lap Dances For Charity

Lap Dances For Charity
The Admiral Theater in Chicago takes a unique approach to charitable giving in the month of December, offering a free lap dance to anyone who brings in a new, wrapped toy to be donated to local charities. (Link | Photo)

 He Locked Himself In A Store Window With 300 Spiders

He Locked Himself In A Store Window With 300 Spiders
Australian Nick Le Souef not only locked himself behind a glass store window for three weeks in order to raise money for children's charity,Variety, he also shared the space with 300 poisonous spiders. Le Souef has previously earned Australian records for doing three week stints in a snake pit, a shark tank, and in a cage filled with redback spiders.
(Link | Photo)

 He Set Himself on Fire

He Set Himself on Fire
British stuntman Rocky Taylor was badly injured during the 1994 filming of Death Wish 3. Nevertheless, he decided to repeat the stunt to raise moneyfor charity.

Twenty-five years after his death-defying stunt, Taylor leapt again from a burning building in order to raise money for Remember a Charity.(Link | Photo)

 Pay To Make "Baby" Stop

Pay To Make
When students at Evanston Township High School in Illinois wanted to raisemoney for their cafe/arts center, they decided to subject their fellow students with Justin Bieber's song, "Baby," until they paid to make it stop. Each day the school played the song over the P.A. system, urging students to contribute to the fund. Though they were given one week to raise the $1,000 that they needed, they reached their goal in just three days.(Link | Photo)

 Boy Rides Bike On Top of Lake

Boy Rides Bike On Top of Lake
Matt Whitehurst, 16, a student in Papcastle, Cumbria, U.K., used this odd photo to gain attention for his charity. Whitehurst swears the photo is real, not doctored in any way, but will not say how he managed to ride on top of the 75 foot-deep lake.

Whitehurst posted the photo to raise funds for a charity set up to help his flood-damaged hometown. (Link | Photo)

 Win A Date With Morgan Freeman or Billy Baldwin

Win A Date With Morgan Freeman or Billy Baldwin sponsored an event in which Oscar winner Morgan Freeman agreed to take the highest bidder and a friend to lunch. For the same event, actor Billy Baldwin treated one winner and a friend to dinner in New York City. Both auctions started with bids of $5,000, and all proceeds were donated to the charity of each actor's choice. (Link | Photo)

 Ron Swanson's Mustache Auctioned Off For Charity

Ron Swanson's Mustache Auctioned Off For Charity
Actor Nick Offerman shaved off his mustache to support pediatric cancercharity, Because of Ezra. Offerman plays the manly character of Ron Swanson in the television show, "Parks & Recreation." 

After shaving off the mustache, it was reassembled, glued together, and mounted behind museum-quality glass to be presented to the winning bidder. (Link | Photo)

 She Wore the Same Dress for A Year

She Wore the Same Dress for A Year
New York woman Sheena Matheiken vowed to wear the same dress every day for 365 days in order to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation, an organization aimed at educating impoverished Indian children. Matheiken changed up her look each day with different accessories, and by the end of the year she had earned over $100,000 in donations. (Link | Photo)

 Man Shaves Bushy Brows

Man Shaves Bushy Brows
Image: Mike Johnson /AP

Illinois man Si Burgher helped the Bloomfield Rotary Club raise $1,600 for a polio eradication campaign, all by shaving off his eyebrows. Burgher's brows were so long that he had to brush them every day before leaving the house, and the suggestion to trim them for charity began as a light-hearted joke in the town in which he lived. (Link | Photo)

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12 Totally Crazy Slippers

Want to wrap your cold feet in a Tiger 1 Panzer tank? Amagurimi maker Miligurumis will put you in business! You do the crocheting yourself, with the pattern sold at Etsy. Or if you wait, she might make some for you to buy, but they will be in high demand when that happens. (Link | Via)

Tapistongs comes from Lise El Sayed and is a lovely rug that can fit wonderfully in a modern living room. Its originality comes from the fact that the rug is not whole, but has four footprints where the two matching pairs ofslippers should be. The “downside” is that the slippers look very comfy; someone is bound to wear them eventually, messing up the picture perfect arrangement below. (Link)

Slippers are best used for those rare states of chillax in your otherwise hectic life. If you're an IT guy or a regular compu-nerd, then nothing expresses the life you live better than these keyboard slippers from Kito.

What's great is that aside from the comfy button keys that mildly massage your soles, these Kito's can be had via online retail hub Yaseminstore. Officially designated the Kito Keyboard 2.0, the rubber pair of foot adornments doesn't have a USB port or Bluetooth compatibility. What it lacks in specs it more than makes up for in fashion statement. (Link)

Adorable Homer slippers.

Creepiest par of slippers you will see today.

With this awesome pair of sandals, all of your worries about leaving one poor sucker on the crowded beach while you run off into the ocean for some fun and frolic are over. You can stash you cash. Whatever you need to hide, theses sandals can do it for you with ease. (Link)

These slippers are the most effective way to kill a cockroach without needing to get too close to it.

A pair of cleaning slippers is the coolest and funniest way to keep your floor clean without any extra work. All you have to do is just stroll around your flat and your feet will do the work instead of you. These cute helpers lift dust, hair and absorb water without damaging your surface. The slippers arewashing machine safe, so you won't have problems cleaning your littlecleaners. Available in different bright colors and only for $6.70.(Buy it Here)

Unique rat slippers created for a Tolnaftate cream advertisement campaign.(Link)

Do you get up at night to get a drink of water, go to the toilet…and wish you could see in the dark? Remarkably bright LED lights are triggered by your footsteps and light up the floor 30 feet in front of you; the ultra-soft plush style is extra comfortable and cozy warm. (Link)

Another pair of cleaning slippers. This one looks complicated though.

Take a walk in the grass wherever you are in these flip flops that have real grass growing in the soles! They are supposed to last up to four months with proper care. Have you watered your shoes lately? It's a promotion fromKrispy Kreme donuts(Via)
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Monday, September 10, 2012

3 Quick Questions to Gain Perspective and Take Positive Action

Who knew that answering  three simple questions could elicit profound and powerful answers? This is your opportunity to reassess your situation, gain perspective, and make relevant changes. Ready? Get a pen and paper and start writing!
3 Quick Questions to Gain Perspective and Take Positive Action 
1.  What do you want more of in your life?  
What things are going really well for you? Consider what makes you happy, what makes you laugh, what brings you a sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and reward. List all those things and determine to bring more of them into your life.

2.  What do you want less of in your life?
What causes you to stress out, or be overwhelmed by frustration or worry? What upsets you or makes you angry, hurt, abandoned, or disappointed? With all that in mind, what can you do to have less of those elements in your life? Better yet, can you eliminate those things completely? List what you want less of in your life and set out to minimize them as much as possible.

3.  How can you bring about positive change in your life?
Now that you have a better idea of what you want more of and less of in your life, the final question is, “What are you going to do about it?” How are you going to bring about these positive changes? What can you do to enjoy more of what you love while eliminating the unwanted things in your life.
The more often you answer these questions and make positive changes, the better your life will become. Some of my clients find this exercise so useful that they take a daily snapshot with keywords (E.g. Less procrastinations, more focus/less stress, more relaxation).  The key, however, is the action step. The answers are useless unless you do something about them!
To gain perspective quickly and easily, just think ‘more,’ ‘less,’ and then ‘action.’
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Embarrassing Family Photos

Loving Family!

He is only trying to hug him, right?

Super Excited


South Dakota

Doesn't it look appealing?

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Oh wait, thats just my family!


I am hoping they were going to something where this was appropriate!

Vikings, General, Hula, What?

Looks like one heck of a party!

Rug Shirt

Wrong on so many levels!


Poor Kitties!

Kiss Fans

Black Sheep

Can you spot the rebel?

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Usain Bolt's dream come true!!

Usain Bolt's dream come true!!
Usain Bolt was doing like crazy to play for Manchester United. Τhe great golden medal winner will have this opportunity to a charity game with Real Madrid. Sir Alex Ferguson wants to give him a chance and Bolt will show his football skills for good.

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Romantic men? Are you serious bro???

Romantic men? Are you serious bro???
If you're a man, you will totally love that commercial. No romance can beat a cup of beer ;)
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Sex Fact of the Day: Sex Relieves Headaches

Sex can relieve the pain of a headache like these medications
Headaches are the most common ailment that many face on a daily basis, but instead of reaching for the pain relieving pills, head to the bedroom for a rousing session of sex that will take that stress away.
That’s has the ability to relieve headaches because of the endorphins that are released in the brain during the act. Endorphins naturally reduce the pain of a headache, so the more pleasure you receive, the better you will feel!
Whether you engage in full intercourse or a few minutes of oral sex, the blissful moment of orgasm can help usher that headache away.
Now if you have a migraine or a sinus headache, sex might not be the best option to cure the ailment, but at least you now know that those stress headaches can be handled with a little bump and grind.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan, Star of The Green Mile, Dies at Age 54

Michael Clarke Duncan
Michael Clarke Duncan, the Oscar-nominated star of The Green Mile, died Monday in a Los Angeles hospital after two months of treatment for a heart attack. He was 54. 

The imposing 6-ft., 5-in., 300-lb. actor with a warm smile and gentle demeanor "never fully recovered" from the July 13 heart attack, according to a statement issued on behalf of his fiancée, the Rev. Omarosa Manigault, the former star of The Apprentice

"Manigault is grateful for all of your prayers and asks for privacy at this time," says the statement. "Celebrations of his life, both private and public, will be announced at a later date."

The Chicago-raised Duncan worked as a ditch digger for the gas company before coming to Los Angeles where he was a bodyguard for stars including Jamie Foxx and Will Smith.

Duncan's breakout performance as imprisoned convicted murderer John Coffey in the 1999 Tom Hanks hit The Green Mile earned him a supporting-actor Academy Award nomination. 

He also appeared in such films as ArmageddonPlanet of the Apes and The Whole Nine Yardsand provided his voice for Kung Fu Panda.

"I am terribly saddened at the loss of Big Mike," Hanks said Monday. "He was the treasure we all discovered on the set of The Green Mile. He was magic. He was a big love of man and his passing leaves us stunned." 

• Reporting by OLIVER JONES
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Monday, September 3, 2012

NEWS: Texas Man Sues Supplement Company for Broken Penis

of course you know there are no bones n the penis
So apparently, a 29 year old male from Texas is suing Haute Health LLC because of a severe penis fracture he received last year while having sex under the influence of the male enhancement drug Vrilis Pro that they market.  Adrian Carter, the victim in this case, says that he experienced “significant amounts of pain and large quantities of blood squirting out of his penis onto the sheets and mirror” after sex with his partner. His doctor pins the cause of the fracture solely on the use of the drug, stating that Carter was completely healthy and sexually capable before using the drug, however University of Texas Professor of Urology Dr. LeRoy Jones says that his injury isn’t that unusual.
“What happens is, when a guy has an erection, the penis is filled with blood and there’s a lot of pressure,” Dr. LeRoy Jones said. “If the pelvic bone hits the penis, you can kinda think of the penis as buckling. You can get a rupture and blood can leak out.”
This is definitely an “interesting” lawsuit to have to be handled in court, but what’s more interesting is the facts about penile fractures. Knowing that the penis can buckle under certain types of forceful impact during sex is a fact that all men should know to prevent injuries like this from happening. Not only will it cause a man to be out of sexual  commission for a few weeks and deliver a great deal of pain, but it can also be a blow to the ego.
Even if Carter wins the case, I’m sure the money won’t be able to fix the blow to his ego, but hopefully he will perform more cautiously during sex in the future
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