Saturday, April 7, 2012

Forced Evictions in China and a Bucket of Scorpions

Straight out of a Grade B horror flick, residents of an apartment complex in Shenzen, China, which borders Hong Kong, woke to find hundreds of scorpions invading their homes and covering their floors.
scorpion1 Forced Evictions in China and a Bucket of Scorpions picture
In the case of one frightened tenant, a scorpion crawling over his body awakened him. When he turned on the light, he found many more, creeping and crawling all over his bedroom.
It is believed that a real estate developer, in an attempt to force evictions, is behind the horrible horde of 110 pounds of living, stinging scorpions!
scorpion Forced Evictions in China and a Bucket of Scorpions picture
Residents told the press that a man carrying a large bucket was seen walking from the apartment’s development office and dumping the contents into open windows. Currently, the company is trying to evict the residents in favor of a more profitable construction project.
The company denies these allegations on the grounds that their deal was sealed with the construction company and that there would be no need to force evictions.
The apartments in question are slated for demolition, but homeowners have not yet signed anything as they are awaiting compensation settlements.
Police and residents spent 24 hours hunting down the scorpions and removing them from homes.
Forced evictions and the denial of full compensation by greedy developers happen often in China, and it is a major source of social discontent.
Check out this video below depicting the dynamic nature of this terrible trend…and watch where you walk! You never know what might be underfoot.

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