Saturday, April 7, 2012

Real-life Chinese Superhero Comes to the Rescue

Superheroes do exist, and one has recently been caught on cam!
While the heroes in the Western hemisphere are mostly male and buff, Asians are quite lucky to have this Chinese Redbud Woman, who dresses in a tight, low-cut black leather outfit, with a blue mask to cover her face.
Since Christmas Eve, the heroine has already gained popularity for helping the elderly and the homeless in Beijing, China. Chinese RedBud Woman has given food and clothes to people on the streets.
chinese redbud 1 Real life Chinese Superhero Comes to the Rescue picture
Since her first sighting, she has caused quite a stir, and a lot of people have been talking about her. Pictures showing her acts of kindness have circulated online.
Some of her fans have tried to get her name and have asked for more information about her, but this real-life heroine refuses to give any information about herself; instead, she says that she wants only to help people who genuinely need it.
chinese redbud 2 Real life Chinese Superhero Comes to the Rescue picture

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