Thursday, April 26, 2012

Human-like Japanese Fembot Performs in Hong Kong

If you have seen the movies A.I. and Bicentennial Man, this robot may remind you of those films.
geminoid f Human like Japanese Fembot Performs in Hong Kong picture
An android named Geminoid F is currently going around several countries after making a big splash in Japan, where she had a brief acting career and worked as a model for a department store.
Just recently, she was spotted in Hong Kong, where she performed in front of awestruck audiences, as well as smiling at and talking with audience members.
Geminoid F creator Hiroshi Ishihguro said they purposely programmed her to mimic 65 behaviors, the most by any robot so far.
The android is also one of the cheapest robots ever built, at a cost of only US$110,000.
Ishiguro went on to say that the future of androids is limitless and that “we can’t predict all the ways people will use [them].”
He also aims to improve his creations by making them more lifelike.
Now, where can I buy one to cook breakfast for me in the morning?

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