Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taiwanese Woman Commits Suicide While Chatting on Facebook

What would you do when you find out the Facebook friend you are chatting with is trying to kill herself?
Most people would call the police for help in stopping the suicide, but the Facebook friends of Claire Lin tried to talk her out of it instead.
In the end, they failed to save her life.
Even more bizarrely, the Taiwanese woman was posting updates about the situation and what she was experiencing as she was doing herself in.
facebook isolation Taiwanese Woman Commits Suicide While Chatting on Facebook picture
One of the chilling photos uploaded by Lin showed her room filled with smoke from a charcoal barbeque burning next to two stuffed animals.
The terrifying event lasted more than an hour, with Lin continually chatting with friends and posting updates about her ongoing asphyxiation.
Her last sad entry read, “Too late. My room is filled with smoke. I just posted another picture. Even while I’m dying, I still want FB (Facebook). Must be FB poison. Haha.”
Apparently, Lin was in unhappy with her boyfriend for ignoring her and not coming home to be with her on her birthday.
I bet the boyfriend was filled with remorse when he found her body the following day and had to explain the situation to her family.

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