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7 Strange laws in US

Some laws will make you laugh and there are hundreds and thousands of laws across the world that are funny, crazy, weird and strange. Previously we wrote an article amazing and weird laws around the world but that is not an exhaustive list either, but we will continue to compile a huge list of some crazy, funny and strange laws across the world.

Anyway, today we bring you 7 strange laws in US

bullet proof vest illegal in new jersey us
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Wearing Bullet Proof Vest while committing Crime is Illegal in New Jersey
If you are in New Jersey and God forbid thinking of committing any crime, then you better should know that according to 2C:39-13 statue of New Jersey, a person has committed a crime if “he uses or wears a body vest while engaged in the commission of, or an attempt to commit, or flight after committing or attempting to commit murder, manslaughter, robbery, sexual assault, burglary, kidnapping, criminal escape or assault.”
In other words, the vest would raise your bar of  offense from third to second degree.

Yellow Margarine is Illegal in Missouri
Yellow Margarine is Illegal in Missouri
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It’s been almost a century on the sale of yellow margarine to be banned in the state of Missouri. According to the law, anyone violating it would spend half a year in jail but very surprisingly from the past 100 years no one has ever been prosecuted.
The law was implemented in 19th century to protect dairy industry, which was a key business for the state.

Sagging Pants is Ban in Michigan
sagging pants is illegal in michigan
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A few years back in 2008, the city police chief of Flint order for arrest of anyone wearing “Saggy Pants”.
According to the law, violators would need to spend half a year in jail.

Displays of Sickness in Public in Forbidden in Washington
Displays of Sickness in Public in Forbidden in Washington
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According to statute RCW 70.54.050:”Every person who shall willfully expose himself to another, or any animal affected with any contagious or infectious disease, in any public place or thoroughfare, except upon his or its necessary removal in a manner not dangerous to the public health; and every person so affected who shall expose any other person thereto without his knowledge, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.”
I have no idea, whether it’s limited to some high profile disease or sniffling in public would be considered violation too, may be some one from Washington could better guide us.

Wrestling with Bears in Illegal in Alabama
Wrestling with Bears in Illegal in Alabama
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I, myself, is not in favor of wrestling with any animal but it’s considered a sport and is very famous in US and specially in Alabama. So in 2006, a law was passed to stop wrestling with bear in Alabama and according to the section of the law:
Alabama Code Section 13A-12-5 that determines unlawful bear exploitation is when a person knowingly “promotes, engages in, or is employed at a bear match,” if he or she receives money for bear wrestling and if he or she “sells, purchases, possesses or trains a bear for bear wrestling.”

Fake Cocaine is Illegal in Arizona
Fake Cocaine is Illegal in Arizona
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Drugs are mostly banned and considered illegal in various US states but the state of Arizona went one step ahead. According to the law:
statute 13-3453 it is unlawful for anyone to “manufacture, distribute or possess with intent to distribute an imitation controlled substance.” It’s also illegal to make and/or sell fake prescriptions and over-the-counter medication.
Statute 13-3461 ensures that placebo drugs are exempt from this rule, assuming you’re a medical practitioner or a pharmacist or pharmacy employee “acting in the course of their professional practice, in good faith and in accordance with generally accepted medical standards.”

Dye or color chickens is Illegal in Ohio
Dye or color chickens is Illegal in Ohio
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This one is my personal favorite. According to Akron- Ohio Act 925.62, No person, firm, or corporation shall dye or otherwise color any rabbit or baby poultry, including, but not limited to, chicks and ducklings.
No person, firm, or corporation shall sell, offer for sale, expose for sale, raffle, or give away any rabbit or baby poultry which has been dyed or otherwise colored.

Hope you enjoy some of the weird laws in us and please don’t forget to give your feedback and any laws that you think should be part of this post or upcoming posts in the comments below.

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