Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sex Position Of The Week: Bed Spread

Comfort, submission and a defiance of gravity is what comes with this week’s sex position. It is one that will be extremely enjoyable for those that love rear entry positions and for those that love to experience deep penetration. This week’s position is called “Bed Spread” and it requires for the receiver to have her legs suspended off of the edge of the bed. Getting into this position is simple and the benefits are plenty.
Benefits of this position:
  • Giver has control of movement and penetration
  • Deep penetration for both partners
  • Comfort for the receiving partner
  • Great view of the lady lump for the giver (aka the booty for those that may not get the metaphor)
  • The giver can watch himself slide in and out of his partner
Getting into position is easy and can be achieved while switching out of a previous position. Follow the directions below and get it in!
**Always remember to practice safer sex by using condoms. Know your STD status by logging onto to find a testing clinic near you***
(for the male perspective)
  1. Have your partner lay on her stomach on the edge of the bed with her breasts flat to the bed and her feet hanging off the edge onto the floor. Her arms should be stretched out in front of her or bent at the elbows slightly to be brought right by the sides of her breasts with her forearms flat on the bed.
  2. Move in close to your partner and grab her legs to part them. As you part them, move in close to her pelvis to enter her. Make sure you bend your knees slightly to be able to sustain her weight and to avoid a cut off of blood circulation to your legs.
  3. Make sure you sustain her weight by holding on to her thighs..if you really want to get deeper, pull yourself closer to her by holding on to her hips. You will have more control to thrust harder and your partner will be able to withstand the thrusts by holding onto the sheets of the bed.

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