Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

In this computer era, it is very important for a computer professional to increase the computing productivity and reduce the working time with no extra cost. Keyboard shortcuts are one of these creative techniques which can help you complete your work in shorter times.

What is a Keyboard shortcut?

keyboard shortcut
A Keyboard shortcut is a combination of two or more specific keystrokes that can help a computer user to complete their task in less time like minimizing all the opened tabs or to lock the keyboard.
Here are some most used Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • CTRL + C is used to copy the text.
  • CTRL + X is used to cut the text.
  • CTRL + V is used to paste the text.
  • CTRL + Z is used to undo the last command.
  • CTRL + A is used to select the all documents, text or items.
  • CTRL + I is used to write the text in italic mode.
  • CTRL + is used to make the text bold.
  • CTRL U is used to underline the text.
  • F3 key is used to search a file or folder.
  • ALT F4 is used to close the active program.
  • ALT + Tab is used to switch between the active items, tabs or sheets.
  • Window + D is used to display the desktop.
  • F1 key is used to display the help window.
  • Window + L is used to lock the keyboard.
  • Window + R is used to open the Run Dialog Box.
  • Window + U is used to open the utility manager.
  •  CTRL + Shift Escape is used to show Windows task manager.
  • ALT + Print Screen is used to take a snapshot of the active screen.
  • ALT + Space + M is used to move the active window. (The Window should not be in maximized position)
  • ALT + Space + N is used to minimize the active window.
  • Shift + Delete is used to permanently delete the selected item.
Hope you liked this post, in our coming posts we’ll also cover other shortcuts like browsers, software and other operating systems.

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