Tuesday, August 14, 2012

12 Hilarious E-mail Blunders

We've all done it - e-mail blunders happen to the best of us, but in Vanessa Hojda's case, mistakenly attaching a scary photo of actor Nicolas Cage to a job application has made her an instant online celebrity. (Link)

From Reddit user REBELYELLoz, comes this hilarious e-mail from Amazon. It's a good thing his girlfriend or mother wasn't checking his e-mail, either of them might have had quite a shock. Here's the actual item in question, if you were wondering. (Link)

Job hunt fail. (Link)

A tech consultant at Cornell University somehow CCed the entire campus e-mails to his mistress, a Cornell staffer and fellow married person. The naughty man is in no position to be "SPANKING that FINE ASS of yours" now! (Link)

Autocorrect can mess with your e-mails too. (Link)

Auto-generated e-mail addresses suck! (Link)

My guess would be this is a conversation between two John Smiths. (Link)

That's why I'd rather jog alone. (Link)

Albanian virus. (Link)

Worst online seller. (Link)

And that's how you say goodbye via e-mail. (Link)

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