Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swell Shark, The Barking Fish

Although, our world is full of wonders but still there are thousands of wonders that are hidden and not yet discovered. Many are discovered but very less people know about them  and today we are going to explore another wonder of the world that is found in eastern Pacific ocean.
In one of our recent posts, we wrote about Basenji, a dog that can’t bark, but today we are going to tell you guys about an amazing species of Fish that can bark like a dog.

What are we going to explore:
Its Swell Shark, and yes, definitely its a fish.
When were they discovered:
In 1880.
Where is it exactly found:
In the eastern Pacific ocean at California, Mexico and Chile. They rest during day timings in caves
and at night they are steady in search of their prey.
Whats amazing about them:
They have the amazing ability to swallow large volumes of air and water in time of danger that makes them larger and harder for the enemies to even byte them. Before sucking water or air, they bend their body into a U-shape so it is very difficult for the predators to harm them. If there is air in their stomach they float towards the surface of water, and during releasing the air they makes a sound like dog’s bark.
We would like to know how many of you got stunned while reading this information. Once again, we’d like to know if someone of you has seen this amazing fish.
We also tried to find a video of Swell Shark during barking but didn’t find any, if anyone of you have the link just share its link so we’ll include that video in this post. Below is just a normal video.
Image credit: Iloveuido_photos charleboix

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