Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What happens to Human body in space

In many Hollywood movies, you must have seen such scenes where an astronaut gets a hole in his special space uniform while he is in space and due to low pressure his body starts blowing like a balloon and can even explode.
Although the temperature in space is as low as freezing but there is also direct radioactive rays from sun that makes the environment of space very interesting and amazing. what really happens to human body and other masses in space? Lets have a look on it.
What will happen to Humans in Space:
Although the mixed environment of space is risky for Humans but they won’t be freeze because the heat of the body will not be transferred away from it.
Humans may also experience vomiting, headache and malaise due to motion sickness in space because they are totally weightless there.
If someone put off his helmet in space he would just remain conscious for a couple of seconds because there is no oxygen in space and when his blood without oxygen reaches his brain that will lead him to death.
What will happen to water in Space:
If you throw some water in outer space, first it will be boiled immediately because of the radiation known as Cosmic Microwave Background and than it will be frozen within a couple of seconds. While the boiled water will release vapor droplets, so these droplets will be converted into ice crystals.
All other liquid elements e-g mercury, shall form themselves into a sphere.
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