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Some cool facts about planet earth

planet earth facts and figures
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Planet earth is the third planet from the sun and the only known planet having Life in it. It is the fifth largest planet of our solar system. In this post, we have tried to gather major components of earth along with all the facts and figures.
So lets explore the earth.
Facts and figures:
Name: Earth
Origin of Name: The word “earth” is derived from an ancient word “eorthe“. Eorthe means ground or dry land. The earth is the only planet in the solar system that is not named after the Roman or Greek gods. Earth is also known as Globe or World.
Situated in: Milky Way Galaxy
Mass of Earth: 5.9736×1024 or 5,973,700,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg
Current age of earth: about 4.5 billion years
What you find in planet earth:
29.2% Land
  • 39% of the land is wilderness(natural environments and forests)
  • 22% Agricultural Area
  • 14% desert
  • 15% partial desert
  • 1% is occupied by Humans.
  • 9% is Antarctica
70.8% Water
  • 98% of this water is in oceans and can’t be used for drinking because of the salt.
  • 2% of the water is Fresh off which 1.6% is in frozen condition i-e glaciers
  • 0.36% of water is underground.
  • 0.036% of water is found in lakes and rivers, and can be  used for drinking.
77%Nitrogen Gas
mount everest is the highest mountain on the earth
Image credit: Flickr James C Farmer
21% Oxygen Gas
Rest 1% is the mixture of other gases
Total Population of the world: More than Seven billion
Total Continents: 7
Total Countries in the world: 196
Total cities in the world: 248572
Total Oceans in the world: 5
Total Seas in the world: 140
Total Rivers in the world: There are thousands of the rivers round the world but there are 174 rivers that are longer than 1000 km.
Total Mountains in the World: 109 (With height of more than 7000 meters)
Largest country by Area: Russia
Largest Country by Population: China
Largest Desert: Antarctic (Polar Desert)
Largest Ocean: Pacific
Longest River: Nile
Highest Mountain: Everest
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