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7 most unusual deaths in the history

unusual deaths
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It is a universal fact that everyone in this world has to die one day. Although naturally a man can be died in several ways i.e diseases, murders, accidents and many others but in history there are many cases in which the victims died unfortunately in very unusual and different ways.
In this post, we are going to list some of these unusual ways.

Jose Luis Ochoa

Where: CaliforniaUSA
When: 2011
Jose Luis Ochoa was a common man from California who killed by an armed cock while seeing a cock fight. He was stabbed by a cock during the fight which had knives attached in its limbs. He immediately shifted to a hospital but due to serious injuries he died within two hours.

Li Bai

Where: Yangtze River, China
When: 762
Li Bai was one of the most recognized poets of China. He died in such a strange way that people can hardly believe on it. According to the sources, one night he was traveling in a boat in Yangtze River when he tried to kiss the reflection of moon in water and suddenly lost his balance which resulted in his death by drowning in water.

Charles II of Navarre

Where: Pamplona
When: 1387
Charles II was the king of Navarre (currently Northern Spain) from 1349 to 1387. His unfortunate is the terrible one in the list. In fact, a treatment suggested by his physician let him to death. His limbs were in a state of decay and his physician suggested him to be wrapped up from head to foot in a linen cloth soaked in brandy. After completion of this whole process, the nurse who wrapped him up with the bandages, showed the candle to the final thread instead of cutting it with scissors. The cloth immediately caught fire and Charles II burnt alive in his palace.

John Kendrick

Where: HawaiiUSA
When: 1794
John Kendrick was an American sea captain during many wars and sea explorations. During a small battle, John Kendrick helped the chief of Hawaii and they successfully beaten the invaders. The next morning, John Kendrick fired a thirteen-gun salute to the Hawaiian chief and in response Hawaiian chief also fired to salute back but unfortunately one of the canons was loaded with the real grapeshot which directly hit the ship of John Kendrick and he along with some other men died on the spot.

Clement Vallandigham

Where: Ohio
When: 1871
Clement Vallandigham was a lawyer and a politician. He died very unluckily when he accidentally shot himself with a pistol. He was trying to prove that the victim shot himself while grabbing pistol from his pocket. Vallandigham himself performed all the steps but he didn’t knew that the pistol is loaded and shot himself. He proved his point and the defendant later released from the jail but unfortunately Vallandigham was not there to enjoy his victory.

Jack Daniel

Where: Tennessee, USA
When: 1911
Jack Daniel was the founder of a distillery where he used to separate the different mixtures that were used to make whiskey. One day, he was trying to opening his safe but he didn’t remember the combination of the safe locks, and in anger he hit the safe with his toe. Unfortunately, his toe injured seriously and later it caused blood poisoning that let him to death.

Kenji Urada

Where: Japan
When: 1981
Keji Urada maintenance engineer in a Kawasaki plant in Japan, was the first person ever to be killed by a robot. He was working on a faulty robot and was trying to turn it off but he failed to do so. That results in his death when the robot’s hydraulic arm pushed him to the grinding machine where he died immediately.

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