Monday, August 20, 2012

12 Worst Photoshop Mistakes ever

Twelve truly bad photoshop mistakes from magazines and ads.This is what happens when you trust a little too much on your photoshop skills! 

Need an extra hand? 

Nice stomach on the "Before" picture... another bad photoshop mistake. 

World's smallest waist? From Maxim Mexico 

The model apparently had a stroke during her shoot (right eye) 

The only cereal that makes you white 

Yeah, nice legs 

No head. From Sports Illustrated 

At 4 am, somewhere, a designer woke up screaming "OMG! I forgot to put her finger back in" 

Is she about to devour her friend?

Madonna's Microcephalic issue

So what's wrong with this girl's arm?

Ok, how many hands do you actually have Lady Guineviere?

NOTE: Images were sent by email or collected around the web, but there's a site devoted to photoshop mistakes --source of all maybe?--, be sure to check it out: PD's blog --thanks Luke

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