Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ants, The Amazing Creatures

Image credit: Flickr jasonbolonski

Although ants are very small and tiny species of insects but the way they are surviving in this world they are an example for us too. They live in the form of colonies and they are found almost everywhere. According to an estimation, there are about 22,000 species of ants but only 12,500 of them are classified. They exist on earth since 130 million years.

Here are some cool and amazing facts about ants, let us have a look.
1) According to some fossils found, ants exist on earth since 130 million years, so there are many possibilities to believe that they lived alongside the dinosaurs.
2) A single ant can lift the objects of up to 50 times its own body, means relative to size if a 9 year old kid has same power, he can lift a car.
3) Average Lifespan of an ant is about 45-60 days, but queen ant can live for many years.
4) Ants live in colonies that consist lots of underground chambers, all of these chambers are connected through small tunnels. In 2000, One of the ants’ super-colonies was found in Argentine that was spread on an area of 6,004 Kilometers having billions of ants and millions of nests in it.
Image credit: Flickr Meto Bin Buty
5) Like other insects, the ants also do not have lungs, so oxygen and carbon dioxide pass through tiny holes on all over their body called spiracles.
6) The most common species of ant is carpenter ants that are found in homes too. They have the skills to make their homes from wood that is why they are called carpenter ants.
7) The most aggressive species of ants are Red Imported Fire Ants, they have a very painful sting. They can survive in many difficult conditions too, e-g if their colony feel increment in water levels they come together to form a huge ball that can  float on water.

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